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(chemistry) A colorless,tasteless,oderless,gaseouselementthat abounds in theatmosphere.


Inchemistry,oxygenis anelementwith anatomic weightof 15.96.It is capable of combining with allelements,with the exception offluorine,to formoxides,bases,oxyacid anhydrides,etc.At roomtemperature,oxygen is only moderately active with most substances.However,at highertemperatures,it becomes veryactivethat it is considered as one of the most powerful chemicalagents.

Inbiology,the oxygen plays a crucial role in various biochemical and physiological processes,such as incellular respiration.Its presence makescellular respirationabout ten times more efficient in yieldingATP.

Oxygen is also thought to have a therapeutic role especially to treating or managingischemic tissues.

Word origin:F.Oxygene,from Gr.Sharp,acid _ root of to be born;named by Lavoisier as he supposed it to be a constituent of al 1000 l acids
Related forms: oxygenic(adjective)


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